• Chemigram Workshop
    at International Center of Photography, NYC.

    Intensive, all-day workshop co-taught with Douglas Collins, will introduce participants to the fundamentals of making chemigrams. No prior experience necessary - suitable for all levels.

    March 25, 2018. 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    A link to ICP’s listing with a detailed workshop description will be posted here later.

  • Printmaking without a Press: The Expanded Monotype
    at the JCC in Manhattan

    Ideal for those without access to a press or printmaking facility, this workshop takes a mixed-media approach to monotype--the most immediate of all the printmaking processes. You'll discover numerous image-making methods that can all be recreated in your home studio or apartment. We will work both additively and subtractively, with stencils, stamps, collage, and shaped foam-print plates to create complex layered prints. All materials are non-toxic and all levels are welcome.

    6 times: Jan. 31 - March 06, 2016. 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    Member: $228.00, Nonmember: $276.00

    You can find out more and register for the class by calling: 646-505-5708 or here:

  • Printmaking without a Press: Creative Linocuts
    at the JCC in Manhattan

    Relief printing is the oldest form of printmaking, and linoleum makes it incredibly easy to practice this ancient art. Popular for their bold graphic quality, linocuts also don’t require a press. In this workshop, we'll cover all stages of the process—image transfer, carving, inking, registration, and printing. We'll be working with different linoleum blocks to create two-color images, while experimenting with multiple color combinations. Supply list will be emailed in advance.

    5 Sundays, Nov. 29 - Jan. 3 (except Dec. 27), 2016. 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    Member: $190.00, Non-member: $230.00

    You can find out more and register for the class by calling: 646-505-5708 or here: ebiz.jccmanhattan.org/personifyebusines…

  • Camera-less Photography without a Darkroom: The Chemigram
    at the JCC in Manhattan

    A unique and rare alternative photo process, Chemigrams quickly and easily yield results that are as singular as they are spectacular even for the beginner. More related in method and approach to painting and printmaking than to photography, Chemigrams use no camera or darkroom. We'll be working in ambient light with darkroom chemicals on black & white photo paper to create subtly colored prints, using a variety of resists, from simple household ingredients like honey and glue, to specialized formulas.

    We'll also explore hand-coloring methods. At the end of the workshop, you'll take home a multitude of abstract and figurative images, that range from simple and striking to intricate and complex. No prior photo, printmaking or painting experience is required. Just bring your imagination and be prepared to experiment and play.

    Here is how we will proceed:

    We will begin very simply, by exploring the properties of our materials – chemistry and photo paper – and understanding how they interact, as well as developing a sense of timing and control - this is the basis for any and all work in Chemigrams. We will then continue by experimenting with a great variety of resists - both “hard” and “soft”, as well as different methods of applying them. I’ll be sharing with you my own discoveries as well as those of colleagues working in Chemigrams. Resists expand the range of what’s possible in a chemigram almost indefinitely, as they make it possible for us to build structure in the image. In other words, resists allow us to create figuration, whether representational or not. Since this is a five week class, after trying out all your options, you will be able to concentrate on and develop control over the particular method of working that most resonates with you.

    Once our Chemigrams are finished (and you will be astounded by the quantity of work you will be taking home after each class), we will explore how to transform them further. To that end, we will experiment with collage and hand-coloring methods with a variety of materials. We will also look at examples and discuss presentation options like magnification and cropping in the context of digital printing.

    5 Sundays, April 19 - May 17, 2015. 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    Member: $190.00, Non-member: $230.00

    You can find out more and register for the class by calling: 646-505-5708 or here: ebiz.jccmanhattan.org/PersonifyEBusines…

  • Private art instruction is available for students at any level. Please inquire for details.